Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Visit the information pages at the Manifold Net website for detailed information on Manifold System products and procedures. The questions and answers below are for the Manifold Online Store.
Credit Cards and Payments
If I change my mind can I get a refund? - No. The Online Store is for people who know what they want, who want the lowest possible price on a license and who are willing to give up the flexibility of changing their minds to get the lowest possible price. It is like buying a room reservation or an airline ticket that has a very low price but which cannot be refunded.
Manifold offers a free Manifold Viewer product that can be used to assess Manifold Release 9 technologies, as well as a the 30-day Lease product to assess Release 8. Use those to get your head around the products so you can order with confidence on the Online Store and take advantage of the lowest possible price.
My transaction was not approved. What could be the problem? - Your card issuer does not approve the transaction submitted through the payment network. The most common reasons:
My transaction was not approved. I called my bank and the bank says the problem is not my card. What can I do? - Use a different card issued by a different bank. Bank employees are not always fully aware of all intricacies of their bank's processes. For example, your bank may state that they did not decline your card when what happened was that upon a request for authorization your bank requested a "call for authorization." Technically speaking, it is true that is not a "decline" but since machines cannot call up on the telephone it has the same effect as a decline.
Can I use a debit card? - That depends upon the debit card. Most debit cards will work on the PayPal network.
Why does Manifold launch a new window for PayPal or PayDollar? Why not accept all info within the Store? - That is an important security measure to assure the utmost security for your credit card information. When a company's online store accepts your credit card information, the company gains access to all that information. Even if you trust the company to be careful, if they don't absolutely need to have your card info, why give it to them? Only the credit card payment processing network needs your credit card details. When you enter your credit card info directly into the PayPal or PayDollar / AsiaPay dialog, you are communicating directly with the secure processing network. Manifold does not receive or store your credit card info. All Manifold receives is an approval or a decline on the transaction without knowing details of your card information. Because Manifold does not receive or store that information, there is no way your confidential information can be stolen from or lost by Manifold. It is securely passed directly from you into the processing network.
I am buying this license for somebody else: what email address should I provide? - Most people who are buying will use their own email address, because they want to get the invoice email and the serial email themselves to be sure the order has gone through. They then forward the serial number email to the person who they want to have the license. Keep in mind that when you place an order with Manifold, you are Manifold's customer and not anyone to whom you forward the license.
Can I stop by your office and pay in cash? - No, all transactions are handled by credit card through the Online Store or by prepayment via wire transfer.
Can I pay by wire transfer (telegraphic transfer)? - Yes, subject to a minimum transaction amount and a wire transfer fee. Contact with a request to pay by wire transfer for complete instructions. Note that some offerings, such as trading in an existing license for upgrade credit, can only be done on the Online Store using a credit card.
Can I order a larger quantity and get a discount? - Yes, if you prepay by wire transfer. See the Discounts page for quantities, discounts and terms and conditions.
Serial Numbers and Upgrades
I entered a serial number for an upgrade and it was not accepted. What could be the problem? - The serial number you entered is incorrect or is a correctly entered serial number for a procured product or trade in product that does not qualify for the special offer. This is easy to remedy by checking the serial number on the status page. Consider the following:
My serial number is out of activations. Can I still trade it in for upgrade credit? - Yes, unless that is explicitly disallowed by the special offer.
I do not have my serial number but I want to get an upgrade credit. What next? - There may be a chance (no guarantees) you can recover your serial number by using a key recovery service product that is available for purchase on the Online Store. Please read the Key Recovery Service Instructions before ordering any key recovery service products to avoid wasting the service fee.
Invoice and Serial Number Emails
What emails are sent to me by the Manifold Online Store? - Most transactions will have two emails sent from the Manifold Online Store, from the or the email address: All transactions result in an invoice email, but some transactions on the Online Store do not generate a serial number email. For example, acquiring a Key Recovery Service product results in an invoice email and will not generate a serial number email right away. Only after the service is performed, which could be several business days later, is a success or failure email sent to you. To take another example, acquiring additional activation keys does not generate a new serial number email: that service product adds more keys to the serial number you already have.
I have not received any emails. What could be the problem? - If your transaction concluded successfully, the Manifold Online Store will send you email from the or the email address. Most email systems worldwide will deliver email to your Inbox within a few minutes of sending. The most common problems are spam filters blocking the email sent to you or typographical errors in the email address provided. If you do not receive email within thirty minutes of your purchase, consider the following:
I have corrected a problem with my email reception. Can my serial number email be resent? - If it is less than 30 days from the date of purchase, yes, your serial number email can be resent at no charge. Contact Manifold at with a request for a resend. If it is more than 30 days from the date of purchase you will have to purchase a Key Recovery Service product for a small fee from the Online Store to arrange a resend.
Privacy Information
Manifold is committed to protecting the privacy of customer information. We will not sell, exchange or lease out any customer information (including name, email address, mail address, telephone number, credit card details and transaction records) to any third party.
Security Information
The Manifold Online Store is operated by Manifold Software Limited with online transaction processing using SSL encryption. All confidential information is automatically encrypted before it is transmitted, to protect your confidential data from being read and interpreted. For additional security, Manifold never sees your credit card information: all pages which accept credit card information are popped open directly by the credit card processing service, either PayPal or PayDollar/AsiaPay.
Other Help Topics
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