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Activation Keys
Do not obtain an Activation key until you are ready to permanently install Manifold. Each Activation key is valid for 72 hours from the time it is issued. Do not request an Activation key unless you are certain you can use it to install Manifold permanently within the next 72 hours. Requesting an Activation key waives any refund privileges you may have.
A serial number can be used to create five (5) Activation keys throughout its life. Press the Create Activation Key button to create a new Activation key, reducing the number available for that serial number. If you press the button more than once in the same 24 hour time period using the same serial number, the same Activation key will be provided, even if you specify a different System ID. This discourages software piracy and avoids wasted keys.
A serial number is licensed for use on one machine. Five activations are provided in case you need to re-install Manifold in the event of computer upgrades or hardware failures. Attempting to use the same serial number on more than one computer at the same time may cause your license to be automatically revoked.
Please read the Activation page before using this web page to request an Activation key.
You must have Administrator privileges in Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 to use an Activation key to permanently install Manifold. You must be logged in using the actual Administrator account. Please see the Administrator Login page for information on logging in as Administrator.
CAUTION: check the System ID provided very carefully. Providing an inaccurate System ID will cause an Activation key to be wasted as it will be locked to an invalid System ID. A System ID is required for Release 7.00 or later versions. The System ID field may be left blank for Release 6.50 or earlier versions.
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